Specializing in Landscape Architecture and Design that builds connections between people and places.


Christy Kervin - Landscape Architect & Designer

Christy Kervin, Registered Landscape Architect, and Principle of Colline llc is a native of Southeast Louisiana. She graduated with honors from LSU School of Landscape Architecture in 2002.  She went on to receive her Masters in Preservation from Tulane School of Architecture where she graduated with commendations. She worked for 10 more years before venturing out on her own and founding Colline llc. in 2020. Her appreciation and extensive knowledge in native plant materials help provide her framework for creating habitats that both people and nature will enjoy. In her free time Christy loves to travel, cultivate native plants at her home in Folsom, grow vegetables, read books, and spend time with her husband and three boys.


SCHOOL / Previous Work EXPERIENCE / recognition

Parks and Parkways Commissioner

Mandeville, Louisiana

Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture

Graduated with Honors

Louisiana State University

Masters Degree in Preservation Studies

Graduated with Commendations

Tulane School of Architecture

1st SITES-Certified Project

City Park Festival Field in conjunction with Torre Design Consortium, ltd.

State of Louisiana

Brown Richardson & Rowe

Boston, Massachusetts

Torre Design Consortium Limited

New Orleans, Louisiana

Pressley Associates

Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Creative Process

Genius Loci; The prevailing character or atmosphere of a place.

Landscape Architecture and Design is more than knowing what kinds of plants are going to thrive best. It's also about how something should look and feel. Each location is unique. Our creative process involves studying the area, understanding the history of a sight and prevailing characteristics that make it special. We hone in on these areas and highlight them so that our designs will blend seamlessly into the existing fabric of the landscape. We love obsessing over the details of a particular plant and how it may interact with our senses, and change with the seasons or how a particular paving pattern can create unity and calm. We embrace the craft of Landscape Architecture. We take our time and we still draw by hand.  

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